Fullface Mask Specialty

PADI Specialty Course- Diving with a Full Face Mask

Discover a completely new adventure!

In particular in cold water, the full faceallows you to enjoy the dive much more as it covers your face completely and therefore you have additional protection against the cold.

Can you breathe through your nose – as if you were on the surface? Impossible or true? Yes, it is true. Not only that, you can also communicate with your buddy due to a new and optimised intercommunication system.

Advantages of diving with a full face mask:

–       You breathe through your nose or your mouth whichever you prefer

–       More visual advantages than with the normal mask

–       Protection against the cold water e.g. whilst diving in very cold water or even ice diving

–       Fun

–       Communication with Buddy (optional)

Give it a try it will definitely be worth it!

The Full Face Mask Specialty Diver Course will offer you the possibilities, to learn about the procedures, the organisation, techniques, problems and safety procedures to make you more comfortable, diving with the full face mask. An added highlight is to try out the under water intercom system with a full face mask.

Course content:

1 Theory session, 1 pool session, 2 Open Water Dives

Dive planning with a full face mask

Procedures, techniques, problems and risks

Emergency Procedures



PADI (Junior) Advanced Open Water, or any other equivalency

Miniumum age of 12

Price including certification and equipment rental 199 €