Self Reliant Diver Specialty

The most terrific experience is to be able to share the fascination of diving with others. Other more experienced divers often share their own experiences and how they have independently solved or prevented problems occuring. For example, when during your vacation you get allocated a Buddy and you both land in strong current or have other problems under water. As an experienced diver, you will automatically be the one that others will turn to. This can become critical without the necessary training.

This course is the introduction to independent diving. The physical and psychological requirements, the ability to plan safe dives and have the necessary training with relation to the technical equipment, dive preparation as well as the importance of self reliant diver rescue training, form the basis for the first steps to diving alone, with or without a buddy. The importance of this course is to offer you various techniques to become a responsible diver and taking care of yourself whilst diving alone or diving with a buddy.

This course is for those divers who are interested in Guiding. In particular Divesmasters and Dive Instructors have to take care of other divers with less experience and therefore need to have special qualities, know their own limitations and understand their own strengths (self assessment).

For photographers this course is a must as you can develop your own skills and will find this course very beneficial.

The course consists of a theory module, 1 pool session and 3 Open Water dives

Course requirements:

Completed AOWD and / equivalency

Minimum of 100 dives

Minimum age 18 years

Course content:

Planning and dive calculation

Calculating the required gas mix percentages

Correct configuration of the diving equipment

Essential equipment

Determining your own SAC rate (surface-air-consumption)

Correct reactions when the regulator is free-flowing

Proper use of a surface signalling device /buoy DSMB

Deploy a lift bag and the correct ascent

Change to the back up mask under water

How to use a pony bottle or change over to another stage

Different scenarios and problem solving under water

Course Requirements:

Your own set of equipment

Buoy or lift bag incl. Reel or Spool with 30m line.

Redundant Air supply ( Pony bottle, double tanks with separate  first stages and / or additional tank)

Redundant Depth and Time Gauge or Computer

Redundant Surface Signally Buoy (visual and acoustic)

Knife or any other cutting device

Slate with pencil

Backup Mask
Course price including certification: 279 €