Search & Recovery Specialty

Did you ever loose something under water? Or are you searching for lost treasures? In the PADI Specialty Search and Recovery you learn to search for objects under water in an effective manner and how to recover these to the surface. No matter if it’s a small, big or bulky objects: we can get these objects safely to the surface.

Find lost objects and retrieve them. It is fun to use a lift bag. The exercises are of course not only fun but also very helpful and effective. It could be that someday you will need to know the searching patterns to find a lost article under water. As a qualified search and recovery diver you know how to find lost objects and how to recover these and bring them to the surface.


  • Search & Recovery Dive planning, organisation, procedures and techniques to avoid potential problems
  • Locating missing objects big or small using search patterns
  • Using diverse lift bags and other methods to bring objects to the surface
  • Methods used in bad visibility

4 Open Water Dives

Course Prerequisites:

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalency

Minimum Age 12 years

Price including registration fees: 229,00 Euro