Snorkel Trips

The wonderland of the azur blue Mediterranean sea is an ideal snorkeling location. All you need are basic swimming skills, a snorkel, a mask and fins.

Snorkeling is the easiest way to enjoy the great coastline, bays and breathtaking nature of the Mediterranean sea.

Our diving and snorkeling spots offer the perfect opportunity for this. These places are in near proximity of Port d’ Andratx and not far off the coast. The underwater adventure begins with our boat, which is anchored only a few meters from the base. Only a few steps, a marvelous boat trip, and you have already entered the maritime life around Mallorca.

Experienced staff are always on board for both our diving tours as well was the snorkeling tours. They are trained in first aid and the handling of emergency oxygen and will also be happy to provide you with information and tips on snorkelling and snorkeling sites. As a diving base, we also pay close attention to our environment and the preservation of unique habitats.

A briefing of the snorkeling site and the marine life are a good basis to ensure that you optimize your snorkeling experience. The available time for snorkeling is about an hour. Your snorkeling trip takes an hour in the water and during this time, the boat will remain anchored and it is possible to take short breaks at any time. The total duration of the trip is approximately 2 hours.


Of course, we offer tours to all the highlights of the region. Each tour is offered with our own speedboat. No matter if you only want to come along for one mid-morning or afternoon tour, diving dragonera offers the best solution for every holiday wish.

If seats on board are available we also offer Tours to the “Isla Dragonera”. These take place on certain days and depending on wind and weather conditions. Just ask – we will be happy to inform you!

If you do not have your own Snorkel equipment, you can of course rent it directly from our dive center. Our equipment is of a high quality and regularly checked and used for diving.

The price includes the boat trip and the complete snorkel equipment *

Snorkel tour – “Standard”  29 € p.P.

Snorkel tour – “Isla Dragonera”: 39 p.P.

Registration should take place one or two days in advance

*Incl. Mask, snorkel and fins